The “Casa de los Abuelos” was built over 200 years ago by a Dominican priest named Valentín Aspiroz, and taken away from him by the Catholic Church when the Reform laws were established.

The lawyer Julio Castellanos bought the house from the Oaxacan government and passed it down to Mrs. Petra Felisa Castellanos and her husband José Servin Alvarez. The current owners of the house are Luis, their grandson and Ita, their great grand-daughter.

The house is located on the forth block of Calle Reforma, only 6 short blocks to the main city square and one block from the majestic church and ex-convent Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

Surrounded by restaurants, cafes, stores, museums, art galleries and parks, La Casa de los Abuelos is an ideal place to come and stay.

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